About the RT Readers & Writers Roundup

Inspired by the ever changing landscape of publishing, RT Book Reviews Magazine Founder Kathryn Falk has set her sights upon the thrilling community of independently published authors. By recognizing a gap in structure amidst a sea of potential, it has become a personal mission of hers to gather the best and brightest of the self-published romance industry to share their combined wisdom and lead with passion into a new frontier.


Readers, writers, bloggers, and more will have the opportunity to gain insight as to what is truly effective and essential through a series of brief discussions that will take place at the seminar, “The Business of Self-Publishing” which is an opportunity to connect one-on-one with the experts in a relaxed atmosphere. This is one event not to miss!


RT BOOK REVIEWS MAGAZINE was established by Kathryn Falk in 1981 as The Romantic Times. The first RT BOOKLOVERS CONVENTION was held in 1982. RT’s commitment to the romance industry is indicative of this new endeavor – to bring together Traditional, Hybrid, and Indie Publishers and assist authors in marketing their books and introducing more readers to the joy of women’s fiction.

Kathryn Falk, the Lady of Barrow


The Lady of Barrow began RT Book Reviews Magazine in 1981 under the name Romantic Times, and hosted the 1st Annual RT Booklovers Convention in 1982. With over three decades of success, the RT Booklovers Convention has been distinguished as the largest romance book fair in the world.


A common mark of an innovative spirit is the inability to stop creating, and Kathryn is no exception to this phenomena. Through careful observation and delight, she happily listens to feedback and ideas, and helps others see their unique place in the world and a bigger vision. You never quite know when she will send a personal message or request an afternoon chat. A common response is “OMG Kathryn Falk called me!”


This is what sets her apart from the pack. Do not be surprised the next time you check your email or your phone rings and the Lady of Barrow is on the line!

Ashley Martinez


A former Ms. Louisiana United States 2014, graduate of Tulane University Law School, and an avid reader, Ashley’s combination of professional showmanship and intelligence make her a force to be reckoned with. Ashley wrote her law school thesis on Emerging Issues in Intellectual Property specific to music and literature. An agent working in children’s literature and business consultant through her company Crown Literary, her talents are now being channeled into the RT Readers and Writers Roundup. A self-confessed monogrammer and bedazzler, it is impossible to leave her presence without discovering your own piece of fabulous.


Ashley is the official coordinator for the RT Readers and Writers Roundup. Be on the lookout for updates, news, and correspondence from Ashley! Ashley can be reached by email at ashley@rtroundup.com.

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